48. What is your favourite cliché?

My two favourites are beating a dead horse and making a mountain out of a molehill.

For some reason, the images that these two create are so funny to me. I always visualize everything, and for me these two are such visual clichés that I use them a lot because they make me laugh.

I don’t use clichés very often, but I love the images and the connotations they give off. I love how we can use these images to display what we’re thinking and I think it adds colour to a conversation. They spice up a boring discussion about something and can make someone laugh in a difficult situation. I find them fascinating!

I find myself often beating dead horses and making mountains out of molehills a lot of the time. I am a constant worrier and stubborn as a mule (simile! score!) so these two apply to my everyday life. 

I’m gonna try and use clichés more often. They make me smile. 

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